surely you know this

tall-lighthouse, 2010, ISBN 978-1-9045517-2-0. £8

“Each observation, revelation, objet trouvé or evanescent memory in this lapidary collection is not simply cherished and polished but brought to life convincingly, movingly, sometimes uncomfortably, in poetry that is skilful, subtle and honest”.

Anne-Marie Fyfe
Chair, The Poetry Society (2006 – 2009).

Splintering the Dark

Rockingham Press, 2005, ISBN 1-904851-03-7. £7.95

“Wendy French’s eagerly awaited first collection is packed with risk-taking poems cut close to the bone. Whole areas of mental illness, loss and sorrow are opened up and these themes seem to flower here, so fresh and skilful is their execution.”

Moniza Alvi

Tutor, The Poetry School


we have a little sister

           and she hath

              no breasts

tall-lighthouse, 2003, ISBN 1-904551-06-8. £2

a 12-page poem sequence

“The imagery contained within the poem is richly moving yet the tragedy of the story still allows for the poet’s empathy and strength of writing to shine through.”

Les Robinson



Sky Over Bedlam

tall-lighthouse, 2002, ISBN 0-952988-41-4. £3.50

“Wendy French’s poems steer assuredly through themes of love and loss in sinuous language and highly striking imagery.”

Ken Smith.

one-time Writer in Residence, Wormwood Scrubs



As co-editor, poetry written by children and adolescents, published by Rockingham Press:


Bethlem & Maudsley Hospital School:

This is Just to Say

co-editor with Anne-Marie Fyfe, 2006, ISBN 978-1-9048511-8-9. £5.99

Dog Bark

co-editor with Frances Viner, 2002, ISBN 1-9=873468-88-1. £5.95

Guy’s Hospital School:

What’s Your Problem

co-editor with Clive Niall, 2004, ISBN1-904851-05-3. £5.95

Fanfare co-edited with Dilys wood, a Second Light publication, ISBN 978-0-9927088-1-8.95

Have 3 poems in each of the Avalanche anthologies, Landscapes, Wordscapes, The Four Seasons. Edited by Deboarah Gaye

2018 The Hippocrates Book of the Heart co-edited with Michael Hulse, Donald Singer  ISBN 978-0-9935911-1-1-2   £12

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